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  1. APK Extractor Lite - The lightest apk extractor app on play store. It takes only 32 KB of your phone space. Ain’t that awesome??

  2. Simple and attractive UI.

  3. Extracts with much higher speed as compared to other extractor apps and save them to your SD card.

  4. Respects your privacy and experience with 0 PERMISSIONS, 0 ADS and no ROOT access.

  5. Extracts all types of applications, whether downloaded or system apps.

  6. Separate filter for Downloaded and System Applications.

  7. You can search the applications by their name or by their package name.

  8. Compatible with all Android versions (from 2.3 to current version)

  9. Saves the apk in the following format to let you know the app details with just its name - appName_appPackage_appVersionName_appVersionCode.apk.

  10. You can directly let your friends have the apps in your phone by sharing them directly from within this awesome app via Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive, Hike, Shareit, etc.

  11. Extended Sort to let you sort the apps from their name, install date, latest updated, size and version code.

  12. You can directly uninstall or update any downloaded application by long pressing the app.

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